Testosteron und Weiblichkeit

Testosterone and femininity


Sexdrive | Lust for life | Creativity
Vitality | Decisiveness | Presence


Are the characteristics when it comes to testosterone or masculinity.
This sounds tempting, lovely, so very general and especially after an almost burnout.
When it comes to testosterone, however, lush dark hair on the chest, so-called aggressive behaviour and a masculine physique immediately beckon in my imagination, which doesn't really interest me as a woman (in me).
I want both: my female body with its sweet appearances AND plump life energy.
Landed by chance at Healing-Garden-Tenerife on the island of eternal spring, I read the website crosswise, let myself be sprinkled and amused by the videos, feel addressed by all products, but not meant by the most interesting one: Pino-Gordo is supposedly 'only' for men.


What is good for men does not have to be wrong for women.
So, as the first official female guinea pig, I dutifully took two pipettes a day and waited for the lady beard.
The fantasy, fun, energy, presence and liveliness factor has set in and potentiated. Instead of emptiness, tension and release there is fullness, grounding and abundance. After almost two weeks I had more energy than I needed for a long time and an unusual phenomenon for me: the need for intensive movement. Hm ... and preferably in pairs. Hm ... best sex ...
As a long-term single, perhaps not so unusual after all?!

After taking it for the length of one cycle, there was a two and a half week break, which seemed appropriate for a repeat trial for study purposes. The energetic phenomena remained for about 10 days and were almost gone after ovulation.
Now in the fourth week with just about doubled daily dosage of the golden-coloured Pino, I book the life energy (again) as a fixed component of my assets and disposals, PMS complaints are reduced to a tolerable, socially acceptable level, my body and my femininity are more present to me or I am more present in it and with it.
More energy automatically means a little more movement.

More lust for life means less hunger for classic foods, few small meals, an invigorated day and exciting nights with and without playmates.


Research on products and sex hormones largely confirmed my suspicions: hormones simply do what they are designed to do, in both men and women.

Because my body is fully developed female and also the fact that it is taking a natural product, I have the presumption that no undesirable physical manifestations will continue to develop if the dosage remains consistently high.

Conflict of interest? Yes, I work for Healing-Garden-Tenerife, however, no ten horses or any amount of money would make me say something on the internet that I do not approve of.

¡ Asta la Testosterona !
– M –


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