Was sind Adaptogene?

What are adaptogens?



I have just seen that there is now also a relatively good Wikipedia article on the subject of Adaptogens. This term was invented by Nikolai Lazarev in 1947. Lazarev wondered if there could be something better than amphetamines and other stimulants, which boost performance in the short term but wreak havoc on health in the long run.

This is how Lazarev discovered the group of substances called adaptogens. Israel Brekham, an Israeli researcher, then established the term in mainstream science. In the meantime, the European Medicines Commission is discussing introducing adaptogens as a category of their own alongside medicines, food and food supplements.

Now, one should not misunderstand the word 'adaptogen'. Stephen Covey's first rule of effectiveness is to be proactive. Stop saying, "You can't do that" and JUST START! and magical things often happen!

You can adapt to circumstances, as I do all the time as an entrepreneur. But you can also adapt circumstances to you, as banana mogul Sam Zemurray, also called 'El Amigo' or simply 'Z', did a hundred years ago in Honduras.

When the president in office at the time wanted to strip him of his customs privileges, he simply overthrew the government. Perhaps not a good role model for adaptation....

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