Was du selbst tun kannst um dein Immunsystem fit zu halten

What you can do yourself to keep your immune system strong



Research has shown that a positive self-efficacy expectation is one of the most important factors when it comes to a well-functioning immune system. If we repeatedly experience that what we do makes a difference, we usually have an intact immune system. If, on the other hand, we repeatedly experience that what we do does nothing, we develop a negative self-efficacy expectation and this is often accompanied by a dysregulated immune system. The body then can no longer distinguish well between what belongs to it and what does not.

In the current pandemic situation, we are in danger of sinking into a state of apathy, passivity and resignation, which is not at all conducive to the good functioning of our immune system. Yet there is much that we can do ourselves, that is within our power, within our personal sphere of influence. From our diet to our attitude and behaviour, there is an infinite amount we can do ourselves, and only what we do ourselves strengthens our positive self-efficacy expectation and thus our immune competence.

That's number one. Beyond that, I think it's useful to ask what natural remedies are available that can protect us from viral infection or severe disease progression. We now have various vaccines available and I welcome that. The RNA vaccines in particular seem to be really innovative and are associated with far fewer complications than the classic vaccines, where numerous adjuvants are co-administered on top of the actual vaccine, which are not always without their problems.

And yet - we still don't know how well the vaccinations protect and for how long. Moreover, the virus is constantly adapting and so new vaccines are always needed, which is also associated with very high costs. So why not look for obvious alternatives or supplements?

I am fascinated by rockrose. Not only because I have known from my own experience for years that it protects me personally very effectively. But also because studies have shown that cistus extract was able to inhibit Ebola, Marburg and AIDS viruses from multiplying and, moreover, no virus mutations were observed over a long period of time. Viruses can adapt quickly to vaccines and mono-preparations. This does not seem to be the case with whole plant extracts, which consist of hundreds of different active ingredients.

Of course, much more research would have to be done here, especially on humans, in order to derive evidence-based medicine. Conducting clinical trials costs many millions and is obviously not in the interest of those who have this capital at their disposal, also because plant extracts cannot be patented.

Maybe one day we will have a medicine that draws on natural resources, even if that doesn't promise much profit. In the meantime, I rely on my experience and the experience of many people with this millennia-old natural remedy.


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