Pino Gordo 2.0

Pino Gordo 2.0

Pine pollen
You have to be a bit crazy to start a business like Healing Garden Tenerife. 'Crazy', that means a bit different from what you are used to. 'Being crazy' means looking at things from a different point of view than the everyday one. There is a lot to be said for the fact that the so-called crazy is often the healthy and the so-called healthy is often the problematic.
For me personally, regularly warping myself is a regular sport. When I read the news or simply take note in amazement of what is going on in the world, I often wonder who is actually crazy here. Is the normal also the healthy? - Is there a path that leads from the normal to the sane? Am I now, at this moment, on that path?
The normal, the standardised, the habitual, the trained - the solid, the dead, the rigid on the one hand. The dynamic, the living, the mobile, the sometimes frightening, the uncertain, the 'other', the possible on the other side. Balancing in this way, life as an entrepreneur turns out to be a tightrope act between the worm and the human possible in me every day anew.
I am very happy to see how the number of loyal and great clients is growing every day. Especially the many positive feedbacks give me great pleasure, which motivates me every day anew.
Where there were three lonely pollen suppliers at the beginning of my activities, there are now a whole dozen companies vying for the favour of the customer. But none is as good as Healing Garden Tenerife! :) Why?
  • Only Healing Garden Tenerife offers European pollen, collected on the volcanic islands of the Atlantic, which is simply stronger than Chinese pollen. Just look at the flowers! Some of them are as big as corncobs! Chinese pollen just can't compete with that!
  • Only at Healing Garden does the founder still climb the trees himself and stir the tincture with his own hands. I know what I am selling! And I know that it works. - Bazooka!
  • Only Healing Garden Tenerife combines Pine pollen with other substances such as piperine from black pepper or now also chrysin from Passiflora. Passiflora - also known as passion fruit leaves - grows excellently on the Canary Islands! I wonder what is meant by 'passion'?
  • Healing Garden is constantly developing new products and improving the existing ones. From cultivation to manufacturing to customer service, everything here comes from a single source.
  • With your purchase at Healing Garden you invest in a company with a future. You are part of an exciting research journey into the heart of nature's healing power, which has really only just begun. Everything so far has only been a warm-up (:

Health is a high good. Quality is the top priority. For this reason, I am particularly proud to present the new Pine pollen Extract 2.0. By the way: There are more and more indications that women also benefit extremely from Pino Gordo. The next newsletter on this topic will be published soon... (; Until then, all the best!

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