Pine Pollen, Testosteron und Bodybuilding

Pine pollen, Testosterone and Bodybuilding


Why is Pine pollen Tincture so popular among bodybuilders? Is it because Pine pollen contains testosterone? Or is there more to it than that? In my previous videos I talked about adaptogens.

Adaptogens, according to Wikipedia, seem to help the body release fewer stress hormones, such as the harmful cortisol. If Pine pollen were an adaptogen, I speculate, then it would also indirectly help in this way to ensure that we have more androgens in our blood, such as testosterone and the 'Human Growth Hormone' somatropin, which our bodies make themselves, especially during healthy sleep.

It is well known that intense interval training, interval fasting as well as good sleep naturally promote muscle growth. Cortisol, i.e. harmful stress, on the other hand, not only prevents the formation of new brain cells. Negative stress also prevents the building of muscles.

So if we were to succeed with the help of adaptogens - which act directly on the regulation of stress hormones via the HPA axis - in increasingly blocking the stress reaction in its development, we would gain in two ways:

We would have less cortisol and more testosterone in the blood, which we would have produced ourselves. In addition there would also still be the plant sterols, or plant steroids, from pine pollen! Is this the solution to the riddle?

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