Pine Pollen

Pine pollen, mitochondria and midi-chlorians


I asked myself today, "Will taking Pine pollen tincture regularly prolong my life?" -

Because I found a study that suggests something like this. Let's take a closer look:

In June 2012, Chinese researchers Zhonguo Zhong and Yao Zha Hi concluded that "Pine pollen appears to prevent the mutation of mitochondrial DNA in the kidneys of senile mice and thus may have an anti-ageing effect at the molecular level."

Mitochondria, which are these little - presumably one day immigrated - creatures in our cells that are responsible for providing us with energy and vitality in the form of ATP.

All the energy we use with our muscles is obtained by splitting off a phosphate from ATP. This is how ADP is produced. The mitochondria now make sure that ATP is produced again from the ADP that has been consumed.

In other words, the more mitochondria we have and the better they are doing, the fitter we feel. Most mitochondria, by the way, are in the cells of the heart.

I'm not surprised that the mitochondria served as a model for the midichlorians from Star Wars. The more of them you have in your cells - the more FORCE you have! (:

So: May the Force be with you!

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