Die Passionsblume

The passion flower



Passionflower is prescribed in herbal medicine for nervous restlessness and anxiety. So is Passiflora an adaptogen? Let's remember: adaptogens are plant substances that help people cope better with stress. Chronic stress is now also considered by orthodox medicine to be one of the biggest negative factors for health.

Chronic stress causes our body to release more adrenaline and cortisol. These substances cause chronic inflammation in the body, they inhibit the formation of new brain cells and much more. If we succeed in stopping the stress reaction, this is a blessing for our health.

After alcohol and nicotine, strong tranquillisers - so-called benzodiazepines - are the third largest group of substances to which people in Germany are addicted. Passiflora extract, on the other hand, is not addictive in any way. If Passiflora had a similar effect to benzodiazepines, without the negative side effects - that would be good news for many people. Whether this could be the case... science probably still has to test this in numerous clinical studies (:

In traditional medicine, people are content with the effects they observe on themselves.

The main reason why Pino Gordo contains Passiflora is, of course, that Passiflora contains the aromatase inhibitor chrysin. Chrysin prevents the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen. The effect of testosterone is therefore increased. Once again, I am not allowed to say what exactly testosterone does at this point. Let's just say: it makes the Pino nice and gordo (:

In addition to chrysin, Passiflora also seems to have properties related to adaptogens, which is a welcome side effect! As I said, less chronic stress also means less cortisol in the blood and thus more testosterone, which we have produced ourselves! Isn't that brilliant!


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