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Welcome to Herbal Garden Adaptonics TV!

I'm Curro Cachinero, also known from the TV show "Vom Spinner zum Gewinner" ('From weirdo to winner')


In this video I show you the new product labels, which I think turned out great!

In addition - tada, the big message - Pino Gordo will also be available in local stores in all German cities from November onwards!!

We are just finalising the last details with the biggest drugstore in Europe...

From summer 2018, Cistus and Artemisia annua will also be available close to you!

In the course of this quantum leap, we have also revamped our entire design. For example, we have now turned 'Healing' into 'Herbal'. After all, the word 'Healing' could be understood by the customer as a promise of healing and we certainly don't want that (: no, no.

In addition, the backs of the bottles no longer say 'room fragrance' or anything like that. We now finally have a NUTRITIONAL SUPPLY that has been double- and triple-checked by several lawyers!

At last! It's all taken a long time and cost a lot of money but now it's actually here!

I hope you find the new labels as appealing as I do, I am completely thrilled!

By the way, you can now also find a article on the topic of Pino Gordo for women! So it seems Pino is also good for the stronger sex. - Come on, granted, behind every big man is an even bigger woman (;

So - I hope your life is as beautiful as mine.... with more news from the Adaptonics universe soon...

Your weirdo,

now also winner

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Herbal Garden Adaptonics

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