Die Zistrose in der Pademie

The rock rose in the pandemic




Welcome from the Healing Garden in Tenerife!

We are here in the middle of our rockrose plantation. This is the best time to harvest, as the plants are about to flower and the leaves are now full to the brim with resin and essential oils. The rockrose is very exciting for several reasons. In 2016, a study by the University of Regensburg showed that rockrose extract inhibits the replication of influenza, Ebola and AIDS viruses in vitro. The study concludes that cistus needs to be researched much more intensively, especially with regard to its effect on humans.

The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry does not provide funding for this. This is because a purely herbal preparation is relatively easy for anyone to produce and cannot be patented. So you can't make big money with it. That is actually a great pity in view of the pandemic situation in which we currently find ourselves globally. Much more research really needs to be done here. Cistus is an incredibly effective and abundantly available resource that could be used much more.

A small, placebo-controlled double-blind study with 160 subjects was able to show that cistus extract led to significantly fewer viral infections in the upper respiratory tract in the subjects. This is only a small pilot study but at least it is a start of serious, scientifically sound research. Now we have combined rockrose extract with cold green tea extract, black cumin oil and zinc, which have also been shown to be effective as individual substances in small pilot studies


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