Das erfolgreichste Medikament der Welt

The most successful medicine in the world


The most successful medicine in the world, aspirin, was originally made from tree bark. As early as 2400 years ago, Hippocrates described tea made from willow bark as reducing fever and relieving pain. In the 19th century, German chemists and pharmacists succeeded in isolating the active ingredient from the bark and producing it chemically. Under the name Aspirin, the so-called acetylsalicylic acid is now the most widely sold medicine in the world.

Our popular 'tree sperm' i.e. extract of pine pollen with testosterone is also extracted from a tree. When my company was portrayed in the start-up show 'Vom Spinner zum Gewinner' on Kabel 1 last year, some viewers may have wondered how it is possible that a tree can contain such effective active ingredients as genuine testosterone. The example of aspirin from willow bark shows that this is not so far-fetched.

The use of trees as remedies is, of course, much older and more recent scientific research is only just beginning to uncover these ancient treasures of our traditional knowledge. Knowledge about medicinal plants is not only to be found in TCM, but also here in Europe, for example with Hippocrates.

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