Artemisia annua - natürlich vollkommen unwirksam

Artemisia Annua - Of course completely ineffective

Artemisia annua

This short article is once again about my favourite plant: Artemisia annua. Artemisia annua is used by the pharmaceutical industry as a raw material to produce various medicines. Artesunate is isolated from the whole plant and administered as a medicine in combination with other substances.

The plant as a whole is used as a raw material for the production of various medicines.

The plant as a whole is, of course, completely ineffective according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Where would we end up if everyone treated themselves with herbs from their own garden?

What Artemisia contains are secondary plant compounds. These are substances with which Artemisia protects itself against predators. A decoction of Artemsia can protect other plants from parasites and animals also seem to benefit from Artemisia in the feeding trough. If you browse a bit more, you will find very interesting info on Artemisia annua.

But don't forget: It is completely ineffective (;



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