Artemisia annua statt Antibiotika?

Artemisia Annua instead of antibiotics?

Artemisia annua Healing Garden
What would happen if we fed Artemisia annua to our farm animals? These researchers from Cambridge University have tried it out:

The effects of a combination of ethanolic extracts of Artemisia annua and Curcuma longa on broilers infected with infectious oocysts of Eimeria acervulina and E. maxima.

"There was a trend towards lower mortality later in the growing season in broilers receiving the highest dosage of the herbal mixture compared to broilers receiving chemical coccidiostats. In conclusion, the herbal extract administration strategy is easy to implement at farm level, but further studies on dosages and modes of action are needed." -

Apparently, the mix of Artemisia annua and turmeric was more effective than antibiotics in the trial! What a surprise! - I'll go water some plants then! Subscribe now to the Healing Garden Newsletter or order from our shop right away (:

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