Meine Erfahrung mit Pine Pollen Tinktur

My experience with Pine pollen Tincture

Curro Cachinero, Healing Garden Tenerife

My name is Curro Cachinero. I am the founder of Adaptonics. In this article I describe my experience with Pine pollen Tincture.


Why should you do this?

When you consume Pine pollen in its raw form, you get to enjoy its many nutrients. If you realise that every single grain of dust pollen could become a whole tree, under the right conditions, then you are not surprised that pollen contains extremely high levels of nutrients. Nor does one wonder that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pine pollen is claimed to be a rich source of 'Chi'.

I tried it myself. After a full day of collecting, I made myself a proper shake in the evening. At three in the morning, I woke up. I felt like a real Super Saiyajin, simply 'Bazooka'.

Note: In the EU, it is forbidden to add health claims to food supplements that are not backed up by long-term scientific studies. This is also a good thing. I am only stating my personal, subjective experiences here, which are not readily transferable to other people. There must be that much right to freedom of expression in this country.

You can find countless testimonials about Pine pollen on the internet. For my part, I can only confirm: The morning wood is absolutely true, at least for me and not only in the morning. Sperm production is also significantly increased, at least that's what my girlfriend regularly complains about.

In addition, I experience an increased alertness and a kind of stone-age 'hunter energy' in everyday life, which in today's vocabulary could perhaps also be called positive 'eustress': The urge to kick everyone's butt and 'finally get it done'. testosterone, that is.

When I train for sport, I observe a slight increase in performance of an estimated five to ten percent. The regeneration phases feel shorter. And even though I only had soup and apples on my menu in the meantime and my regular training was frequently interrupted, I have gained more than three kilos of pure mass, muscle, in the last few months!

Pine pollen tincture

In the beginning I only knew the raw pollen and was very enthusiastic about it. Then I made my own tincture. I again observed a clear increase in the effects described above. For a while I thought raw pollen might be better after all. When my tincture was empty, I switched back to raw pollen. Only now did I clearly notice how strong the tincture is. I've wanted absolutely nothing else since.

Some benefits


Over the many weeks that the tincture draws, the alcohol dissolves substances that the body is unable to dissolve on its own and would therefore simply excrete. This is especially true of the substances I'm interested in namely testosterone. If I want vitamins, which are also abundant in pollen, I'll eat a damn apple. If I want protein, minerals or amino acids, I just eat a decent steak.

Testosterone, on the other hand, I can't find anywhere else in a purely plant-based form, i.e. one that is completely harmless to me. Not even in tribulus, maca or other fads, no matter what the corresponding providers promise. If I want to boost the effects of Pine pollen even further, then take at least 6 grams of pure L-arginine every day. Arginine is completely harmless. It tastes awful, but it works if you take it in the right dosage, which is pretty much always done wrong!

Of course, there are many more ways to boost testosterone levels naturally, for example by taking large amounts of egg yolk or cholesterol, as the 'first human guinea pig' Tim Ferris explains in 'The 4-Hour Body'. Incidentally, it was Tim Ferris who popularised Pine pollen in the USA. Pine pollen Pope Harrod Buhner has also written a few books on the subject. Covering the subject sufficiently would easily fill an entire article.

So the advantage of Pine pollen tincture is that the testosterone dissolved by the extraction process is actually absorbed by the body, which is further enhanced by the addition of black pepper. Raw pine pollen is digested slowly. Pine pollen tincture, on the other hand, goes straight into the blood.

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Hallo Uwe!
Gute Idee! Ich habe das mit der Creme noch nicht ausprobiert. Wenn es funktioniert, Klasse! Das freut mich. Gruss, Curro

curro cachinero

Hallo Curo,
ich habe bereits mehrfach Pino Gordo bei Dir geordert, das letzte mal einen 3 Pack. Ich bin 62 Jahre alt und treibe regelmäßig Ausdauersport. Allderdings möchte ich meine Armmuskulatur etwas verbesern. Da ich Alkohol nicht gut vertrage und auch bei geringen Mengen leicht Kopfschmerzen bekomme habe ich mir eine Alternative ausgedacht.
Vergleichbar wie bei medizinischem Testogel (verschreibungspflichtig) stelle ich mir eine Creme her. Mischung 2 x Pipette Pino Tinktur, ca. doppelte Menge z.B. Melkfett und zu einer cremigen Masse verühren. Eincreme morgens nach dem Duschen auf Gesäß, Oberschenke und Oberarme. Ist sehr angenehm, riecht gut und wirkt bei mir sehr gut. Ich wende dies seit etwa zei Wochen täglich an. (Verbrauch 1 Flache / Woche). Meine Leistungsfähigkeit hat sich beim Laufen gefühlt verbessert und beim Krafttraining gehts auch gut voran.

Grüß aus Stuttgart


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