Mehr Lebensenergie durch Spielmodus

More life energy through game mode

Today I wanted to add a little to the topic of 'the male brain' or the brain in general. The question behind this is: How do I get more life energy and more joy of life? Because more joie de vivre automatically means more life energy.

In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of the brain is its plastic openness. It used to be thought that only children had a plastically open brain. Now we know that we can learn new things throughout our lives. This is called 'use it or lose it'


But how do we get to this openness? After all, we are not toddlers anymore. We have all learned to walk and talk. Now we are adults - we have stopped growing. As a rule, we act like automatons, we reproduce and replicate the past and life fades away until it eventually peters out.

What fascinates me about children are two things in particular: 1. the boundless enthusiasm and wonder about the world and 2. the indomitable will to experiment.

When we ask ourselves how we can come to more life, the first thing we have to ask ourselves is what actually brings us real joy. And then we just have to do it. But by doing, I don't mean 'trying' or doing a bit.

I mean that we start to act as nature itself models. Try it out. Keep the good, keep going there, forget the rest. If we do that - overproduction and then sticking to what works, then we are going through evolution incarnate. And then we also rebuild our brains.

The American psychologist Martin Seligman - what a name! - in his book 'Flourish - How people flourish' called this "grit", that is, the relentless 'sticking with it', that ultimately makes the difference to success. 'Keeping at it' makes all the difference in the long run between success and failure, failure and success!

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