Testosteron und das männliche Gehirn

Testosterone and the male brain


The Male Brain


Welcome to Healing Garden TV! - Today I'm going to tell you about 'The Male Brain'. That's the title of this book, written by neuropsychologist Louann Brizendine, who has been studying what makes up the typical male brain and the typical female brain for decades


There is the so-called common knowledge: "Women have more feelings and men only think about sex" This book confirms, apparently it is indeed so.

Maybe it is interesting to understand what in the brain is responsible for what underpins these prejudices. In women, for example, the areas for mirror neurons are better developed and more active than in men. Mirror neurons help us empathise with our environment. When it comes to reading micro-mimicry and body language, women are much more alert than men.

On the other hand, the brain area responsible for reproduction is two and a half times larger in men than in women. In the words of the author: "Men think about sex all day long. In the background of everyday life, sex is always flickering." I find it interesting that nature has made men like this. - There's probably a reason for that too.

Testosterone, androstedione and oxytocin


Testosterone is metaphorically described in the book as the god 'Zeus', the all-powerful god who rules over everything. Zeus, who drives men to outdo other men, to find a mate and to copulate with her. I also found it interesting to read that testosterone stimulates the male sweat glands to produce androstenedione. This is a sex attractant or pheromone that women unconsciously smell.

This means that the more testosterone we have, the more pheromones we sweat out. And that, of course, increases our chances of flirting. (:

A typically female hormone is oxytocin. It has also been called the 'cuddle hormone'. People given oxytocin become more social, friendly, affectionate, want to cuddle more and hold hands.

Women have a lot of this hormone and that is why women are the way they are. Men have this hormone too. Oxytocin is secreted especially after orgasm. It is responsible for 'post-coital narcolepsy', as the author calls it. That is, for the man to fall asleep happy and content after sex, cuddly and snuggly.

Women bathe in the stuff all the time. It must actually be quite pleasant.

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