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Rock rose the miracle plant




Rock rose the miracle plant


In ancient times, the resin of the cistus was used to make the coveted 'labdanum', which had a wonderful smell and also protected against 'evil spirits', as was said at the time. - See also this study recently conducted at the University of Regensburg:

'Potent in vitro antiviral activity of Cistus incanus extract against HIV and Filoviruses targets viral envelope proteins', published in 'Nature', February 2016.

Cistus can be used both as an aqueous extract, i.e. tea, and as an alcoholic extract, which is more concentrated and also has a longer shelf life. Externally, cistus was traditionally used as a remedy but also for beauty care. This is due to the bitter substances, tannins and essential oils contained in the leaves.

In terms of internal use, researchers attribute the effect of cistus mainly to its high polyphenol content. The plant forms the secondary plant substance polyphenol to protect itself from predators, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

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