Ist Pine Pollen ein Adaptogen?

Is Pine pollen an adaptogen?

Pine pollen Work Out


Survival of the fittest


The word adaptogen comes from adaptation. We know this from evolution: 'Survival of the fittest' - the survivor is the one who can best adapt, best adjust.

You have to realise one thing. We have bodies that have evolved over millions of years. And our environment has changed so extremely in the last few centuries that our bodies haven't even been able to adapt to it sufficiently.

There have been industrial changes in the last few centuries.

There has been an industrial revolution, there has been a digital revolution, we now have genetic engineering, mobile phone radiation - there are so many things that affect our bodies that our bodies are not at all prepared for, that they are not yet adjusted to.

One possible result of this is that we may become a bit confused and develop all sorts of diseases. Maybe adaptogens are a way to help the body adapt to these new environmental conditions. Because that's exactly what adaptogens do.

What are adaptogens?

Where does the term come from? - In the 1940s, there was a Russian scientist, Nikolai Lazarev, who was researching how to make soldiers more efficient without harming them.

He then came up with a few adaptogens.

He then came up with some substances that had these adaptive properties. For him, the criterion was that the plants help the organism non-specifically. They strengthen it in general. They help it to balance its hormones, to strengthen its immune system, they simply help the body to adapt better, to be more efficient, to have more strength, to have more endurance, to recover more quickly from illness, to recover more quickly from exertion, etc.

Lazarev has observed these properties in a number of plants. Probably the best known adaptogen is Korean ginseng, another lesser known is Siberian ginseng, then there is Chinese berry grape, etc.

Superman through superfoods?

For a long time, research was dormant and only in recent years has this been unearthed again. Because more and more people are looking for ways to strengthen themselves in these times we live in, where more and more are exposed to artificial stress.

In American we often say 'superfood'. Of course, you don't become Superman overnight by eating this. As I said before, it's not about doing everything completely differently from one day to the next. It's about slowly working on something. It's something that builds up slowly.

That's why adaptogens are not something like a coffee that you drink and then you have a short energy boost. Rather, it is something that slowly and constantly supplies the body with important energy, a health resource in the sense of salutogenesis.

There are all kinds of plants today that are called adaptogens. I think no supplement is as powerful and interesting as Pine pollen tincture

Not only because pine pollen contains all kinds of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are rarely found in this quantity and quality in our normal diet. But because there is testosterone in it. And it's in the form of a phytoandrogen, i.e. a purely plant-based hormone that is apparently very well usable by humans! And that is of course very interesting!

Is Pine pollen an Adaptogen?

Finally, a few words about pine. Perhaps the special power of pine pollen is related to the fact that pine is a very old tree species. Pine trees evolved around 150 million years ago, making them one of the oldest tree species of all.

In the meantime, pine trees have evolved.

Meanwhile, the pine tree is spread all over the world. There are over one hundred different pine species that have adapted to all kinds of climates around the world: a living example of adaptation! Whether pine pollen is really an adaptogen is something science has yet to find out. In the meantime, I'm going to go and exercise...

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