GOZO, MALTA (5.-13.12.2020) 
Hosted by Curro Cachinero 

Blue Hole, Gozo
Blue Hole“, Freediving Site in Gozo, Malta
Søren Aabye Kierkegaard

Sören Aabye Kierkegaard,  „Sokrates of Kopenhagen“,  Inspirator of "Joyfullliving - School of Angst“ 


In this one week course you will learn:



1.) „Total Relaxation“ of body and mind. Create your own personal Paradise through mental imagery and imagination.

2.) „Rhythm and Pulse“. Learn to create a strong heart-brain coherence. Master your breathing  master your mind.

3.) „Full Yoga Breathing“. Chest- and Bellybreathing. Become best friends with your „incarnated spirit“ or diaphragm.

4.) „The Victorious Breath“. „Relax on demand“ by learning ancient yoga „Ujai Breathing“, constricting your airflow.

5.) „Balance of the Nadis“. Synchronize your left and right hemispheres with ancient yoga „Nadi Shonan Breathing“.

6.) „Burn your old stuff“ to the ashes by activating the „fire of the belly“ with ancient yoga „Bellow´s Breathing“.

7) „Purify your brain“. Actively balance your neurotransmitters by learning ancient yoga „Kapalalbathi Breathing“.



You will get a very careful and save introduction to full immersion freediving. The goal of the week is that you will be able to hold your breath underwater for one minute or even less, in complete relaxation. You will dive down to around ten meters or even less  your "bouyancy level" of complete weightlessness and zero gravitation. The aim is to give your physical body  not your intellectual mind  the real experience of TOTAL SAFETY AND TRUST UNDERWATER. You will not numb your anxiety. Instead, you will become its disciple. 

This is the meaning of Kierkegaards „Concept of Anxiety“ „The salvation from "sin" or desperation (anxiety) is the "believe" (meaning: action) in the absurd“. You will come out of this week as a strong, courageous and self empowered individual who is neither afraid nor ashamed of his anxieties. Instead, you might start to live a completely new way of life, in which fear and anxiety will no longer be limiting factors but attractors to overcome "your" Self – one tiny, elegant little baby step at a time. 

You will surprise yourself and all of a sudden you will make the impossible look easy! THIS will be a lot of FUN and JOY, which is the meaning of the Spanish word "GOZO!"



The course fee is 1499€ + 799€ for a luxurious accomodation in an exclusive oriental ressort in the old town of Gozo + 500€ in case you need a diving suite made by measure by italian company polo sub (if so, please order before 1.11.20). – In the unlikely case of cancellation of the event due to covid-19 the course will take place at Hotel Millepini, Padua, IT.

About Curro Cachinero: 
Curro Cachinero

Curro Cachinero, CEO Adaptonics, born in Munich, 1986, ten years of intense practice in the Art and Science of Salutogenesis (AARON ANTONOVSKY) under the closed mentorship of Dr. med. Fritz Helmuth Hemmerich, Teneriffa, ES. Passionate disciple of his two, two year old daughters Lilly & Emma. Eternal LOVE.

Breatheology Certified Instructor