Thinking fast and slow in Covid-times.

September 01, 2020 Curro Cachinero RSS Feed

I can´t wrap my head around the fact, that in this world, people just don't get it, yet.


Get what? Get the facts right!


So. Let us step back a second. Let us look at ourselves, first.

Let´s check basic brain science:


There are two types of thinking. Fast thinking and slow thinking.


Fast thinking means: Watching three stupid Youtube-Videos and then consider yourself an expert.


Slow thinking means... well, thats another story. Lets call it DEEP MIND for the moment.

Just think about it from an evolutionary perspective:

Is it useful to „know and understand“ everything immediately?

Of course it is! Otherwise the bus would run you over!

In every day life, in your every day mind, you need to be a fast thinker and that is okay.

You know what is what and that's it.

A bus is a bus.

Your car is your car and your phone is your phone.


This is not enough.

Enough to survive? Yes!

Enough to „make it through“? Yes!

Fair enough. So, congratulations! You are the perfect robot!

What if?

What if this was just one side of the coin.

In fact. If fighting for survival is your only reality, you are truly screwed.

I am sorry for you if you didn´t know that.

Rest assured there is another type of „knowledge“ inside of you.

It's the true knowledge that I am talking about. It is the difference between intellectual and being ABLE TO ACT EFFICENTLY WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS! 

One part of life is BlaBla, but what really matters is to HAVE RESULTS.

It's all about your real SKILLS, your true „cosmic intelligence“.

This is where you are part of the evolution.

In your hands, in your feet, in YOUR BODY – not in your chit-chat-mind.

To come to the point: i created Imun Guard to support your body, to support your immune system, your internal defense system to make sure you can keep evolving and adapting fast enough to rise above the dangers of our times. Imun Guard is here to keep your defense strong:  Order Imun Guard now, it works.

Lucky you! I've spent years reading and studying some old masters so you don't need to. I distill their knowledge into my products and courses.

Still i recommend some authors and books here and there. If you have the time, look at these guys: Daniel Kahnemann, Eugene Gendlin and Friedrich Nietzsche - especially his Zarathustra.

Good night.

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